A Safe & Natural Way To Reverse Years Of Damage To Your Feet

It allows you to stretch and restructure your feet without invasive surgery, medications, or any awkward footwear. This yoga team & hospital-developed, podiatrist-approved device delivers immediate relief.

What Can ToesTrain Do?

Eliminate Pains & Discomfort

98% shoes on the market squish your feet into unnatural shapes that lead to foot deformations, bunions, corns, and other complications. Totaly change the bone direction to put in the right place.

Improve Skeletal Health

Deformed feet are a common cause or contributing cause of knee, hip, and back problems, as you often develop abnormal movement patterns to compensate for your imbalances. Exercise the muscle to get right support.

Keep Risk Down As Possible

When your toes have poor dexterity, are squished, or overlapping, it impacts the way you walk, run, and stand. Have stable and strong legs to avoid falling down, knee and back diseases.

How Can ToesTrian Achieve?

Internal Nitinol Structure

Shape Memory Effect: When deformed at a different temperature such as skin warm, it returns to its original, remembered shape. This property is what allows it to exert force.

Two-Way Shape Memory: It can return to its original shape not only when heated but also when cooled so it won't fail even if after a long time.

Superelasticity: It can undergo substantial deformation and recover without permanent damage.

External Medical-Grade Silicone Elastomer

It's a type of silicone that has been tested and certified for biocompatibility and skin safety, which is applied directly to the skin to help improve the appearance of scars, particularly keloid and hypertrophic scars.

What Happens To Body?

Instant Foot Pain Relief

The toe separators relieve the pain of feet, reduce friction between toes, align and straighten toes with gentle pressure. Avoid extrusion, promote blood circulation, provide Cushioning Relieve, Bunion Pain ,Hammer Toes, Bone Spurs, Achilles problems, Varicose Veins, cramp, toe stiffness, Arthritis and overlapping toes.

Better Circulation From Feet

With stronger muscle and smoother vells, your circulation of blood and lymph will be greatly improved. And you can feel much more energetic from daily walk. Get your feet relieved from fashionable high heels, running shoes and casual loafers.

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Get It Ready
Soak ToesTrain in warm water to get a little softer.

Wear It On
Put each thumbs in. If it's too tight, soften it more.

Enjoy With It
Try to stay with it and exercise with it to train your feet.

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Real Customers, Real Relief 


I have used ToesTrain for over a year. They are soft yet sturdy. They provide good spacing between my toes. I wear them daily at home. I have bunions on my feet. They have helped my toes to space out more and my big toes are now straighter than before.

Tyler, 45, US


When I had no choice but to operate, my doctor recommended this product. My toes are a mess. I could no longer buy suitable shoes. This product really saved my life. I don't have to worry about breaking my feet anymore!

Jessica, 38, Canada


At first, my feet were not so deformed. I simply put on too many leather shoes and high heels, but then it became more and more serious. These are easy to wear with shoes etc. Came with 8 and I will order another pairs.

Elliz, 35, Austrilia


My heel will no longer hurt as soon as I walk, and the unbearable pain has finally disappeared! It used to be difficult for me to go for a walk with my family, but now I can go hiking with my granddaughter or hike with my wife. I thought my life was coming to an end!

Benjamin, 56, France


These are far more comfortable than the “Correct Toes” that I tried before, and much cheaper. My advice, wear these for yoga or something that last around an hour, and slowly add time.

Penny, 42, New Zealand


I have slight bunions, but my bigger issue is the squished toes, where my little toes look like they're trying to hide behind the rest.  I have slight bunions, but my bigger issue is the squished toes, where my little toes look like they're trying to hide behind the rest.  However, in just that short time, I have noticed a huge difference in the flexibility and appearance of my feet.

Emily, 43, US


Absolutely love them! I compared every brand I could find and poured over reviews. Went with these and couldnt be happier! The are soft, stretchy, and very comfortable.

Amy, 35, US


Without the comparison, I would never find that my feet were so deformed before. After my thumb began to valgus, I began to flatten my feet, it became more and more difficult to walk, and my knees were buckled in. It completely stopped the malignant development of my legs.

Nathalie, 41, Austrilia


Awesome product and they are everything they were reported to be. Easy enough to use, and I have been able to get used to them with wearing them several hours each day to break myself in. Great for standing yoga practice as they seem to give me a great grip on old tierra firma.

Stella, 30, Germany


If you don’t have them yet, I highly recommend them. I’ve tried other brands but these really are the best. I can wear them with socks and walk around my house, with the right shoes and walk around town, and even wear them in yoga class.

Sonia Lara, 45, UK

“An answer to your prayers” says a medical doctor.

“I would highly recommend them to everyone who suffers from chronic foot pain, hammertoe, corns, bunions, blisters, or overlapping toes. ToesTrain! are designed to relieve foot pain and improve balance and posture. They can help you with yoga, dance, and running, and they are safe to use throughout your daily activities.

I would recommend you start using ToesTrain slowly, for a maximum of 30 minutes per day in the beginning. You should start feeling the changes almost immediately, and after that, you can gradually increase the time you wear them.”

Edin Mešanović, M.D.


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